Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Guy I Will Always Like

I don't know if I'll ever get you out of my head.
All i want is you
All i want to do is say hey i like you.
But I'll never see you again,
I'll never be able to tell you.
It seems like your the only one on my mind
It like your the only one in this world
Its sad to say, but i miss you and I've never had you.
I miss seeing you day after day.
I miss everything about you.
I never had you
But i wish i did
Its sad to say, but i with you weren't with the girl were with now so maybe i could have a chance.
I never thought i could have a chance with you, but maybe i was wrong, maybe i could
It hurt me so much when i would talk about you or hear things about you.
Because it made me want you even more then ever.
I love you and i shouldn't
I shouldn't feel this way at all.
I should be over you
But I'm not.
I like you and always will
And everyday i hope something will change.

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