Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why Everything Has To End

Did you ever wonder, why everything has to end. Whether it is the end of a fun holiday where you get to meet all your families once a year, your bestfriend migrating to another place, your beloved pet dog which dies of old age, the end of your once in a life chance, the death of your beloved grandparents, the end of a wonderful relationship due to in-differences or mistakes that can't be forgiven, your own life has reached it's peak and u're breathing your last few seconds. Tell me, what is the difference the way you feel at each corner of your life and how I feel?

If you ask me why everything has to end, I would have to say that the culpirit is time. Your life is like blank square papers given at the time of your birth. Everytime the clock is ticking, your happenings are written and is thrown to to back while the paper burns off itself. Every moment is judged by time itself, whether it is a good or a bad moment, it still dissapears itself and become something that is known as memories. Good memories, bad memories, these are only the things that you can't turn back to undo. How sad is ones life in these hands of time, the cruel reality. Should we rather dwell in dreams, or just fight the battle to be as normal as possible like anyone else to ignore these delicate understandings of nature.

Our decisions and minds are the key of a time machine. It is important to know that it is not too late to change things. Change the presence and re-live the past as the future. It is possible to see familiar things again. Only with the agreement of mutual understanding and acceptance of the same ideas. It is never too late to bring out those old yellow lost love letters than u have kept rusty and dusty deep down inside your hearts.

Experience is the past, and that's where the root of who and what u are now, dwells. Reconsider your options, would you move along, or sacrifice for whatever that it is worth. Most important, is that you don't want to hurt something that once u know so precious to you.

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