Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thought It Over...

Have you thought it over? Things that you worry about? Do you think what conclusion and solution that you came out with is the right thing to do? What if I tell you that it is wrong? Does it makes a difference? I mean who am I right to tell you what to do? I bet you know best how stubborn you are not willing to accept other peoples opinion especially the ones that concern them. Admit it, that the decision you make is for yourself only and it is not for the good of mutual benefit and improvement. Why are we all so selfish? What is making up compared to breaking up? What is giving compared to taking? What is warmth compared to cold? So many question even some of them seemed familiar to you but why are you ignoring it now when there was once you asked the same question. If you can't answer all this, you are not worthy of your own decision. Some people really do care for you, if only you climb high enough to see whats over the wall. Nobody is perfect, a person has it's good or bad, when you like the good, you have to let the bad in as well. I'm sure you're impressed by the goodness of a person, but think again, isn't the thing that makes you feel close and equal to the person is the imperfectness of the person. Isn't the imperfectness of a relationship gives it more room to expand. Only by leaping the obstacles together, solving a problems together, giving in to each others weaknesses, and by achieving that only you would be able to stay close to the person, hug her/him and say "we've been thru alot to get here together". Isn't that comforting. Isn't that love. Give it the benefit of the doubt, no one is a God to make absolute decisions. Listen to that person, call them back because I believe some of them seems like moving on, but they are still waiting. And if you're honest enough, I'm sure they'll soften down for you.

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