Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GAZA....look at them....

It has now been a weeks since Israel began its bombardment of the Gaza Strip. On January 3rd, the Israeli Defense Force ground troops began entering Gaza, soon cutting the territory in half. Israel's stated goals are to end rocket attacks originating from Gaza - which had increased sharply following the end of a cease-fire agreement in December. As Israeli troops began entering Gaza, foreign reporters and photographers were denied entry to the territory by Israel, halting any reports originating from Gaza except those coming from Palestinians. As of today, since the beginning of this campaign, there have reportedly been over 650 deaths in Gaza, and 10 Israelis killed, including 7 soldiers. Israel suspended operations for a few hours today, to allow humanitarian aid to reach the people of Gaza. Officials from France, Egypt and Turkey are working with Israel and the Palestinians to draw up a cease-fire plan, but many details still remain unresolved. See previous Big Picture entry on Israel and Gaza from a weeks ago.

I only hope the world wakes up sooner rather than later to the human tradgedy, that is , palestine. Its high time the world community , including OIC & UNSC , to act and act decisively to bring peace to this troubled region.
This region has the potential to disrupt world peace & should be dealt with NOW.
I only pray that Pesident Obama extends his healing touch and charisma to the troubled regions & deals with them with a human angle and not a military one.

My Palestine, My Palestine, My countrymen, my countrymen are suffering for poverty and yet your brainwashed jewish beople thought it's nothing, bombarding out houses which we worked so hard to build, sniping innocent pedestrians with their kids, and sidewalk vendors who are desperately trying to make both ends meet, common people who's lands hands been taken over and suffered losses but are struggling to have enough money in the end of the day to feed their impoverished children.

how some people can 'take sides', i just don't know. whatever your beliefs - violence is violence. it doesn't do anything but cause negative reactions, weather in the form of a bomb or, perhaps worse in the long-run, as the disgust and hatred for one another that we can see in some of the previous comments.

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