Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kopi Reggae And Mak Nyah Of Malaysia

Have you heard of "Kopi Reggae "? No, it has nothing to do with Rastafarian or the Reggae Blend, the Central and South American coffees blended with French Roasted Brazilian Santos.This notorious "Kopi Reggae" is a Malaysian blend of coffee with drugs like syabu or ganja (cannabis).
There is a cheaper substitute of mixing coffee with kratom powder. It is said that this unique concoction can crank up one's sexual desire and stamina like a wild stallion. The aphrodisiac effect of "Kopi Reggae" will take place after consuming it for five minutes or so.
This "Kopi Reggae" is popular with transvestites in Alor Setar to keep them awake all night and at the same time it peps up their libido to satisfy their clientele. According to the mak nyah (transvestites) community, drinking "Kopi Reggae" to keep them fresh and "high" at the same time is not something new to them.

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