Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WWF Earth Hour

By signing up you are supporting Earth Hour's aim to reach more than one billion
people in 1000 cities around the world in 2009. Earth Hour is inviting
communities, business and governments to switch off lights for one hour at
8:30pm on Saturday March 28, sending a powerful global message that we care
enough about climate change to take action.

WWF Earth Hour

p/s: teman2 jgn lupa vote ok....dan jgn lupa tutup lampu...

Earth Hour Poem by : The young believer Aina

Earth's life wont last that long,
When global warming drains them all,
It used to be a great clean place,
But now its just a place for haze.

Rubish and trash are everywhere,
Many people dont seem to care,
Seeing this as it breaks my heart,
Why wont people just pick it up.

Many lights and air polution,
Alot of different deadly solutions,
Causing problems like acid rain,
It just makes me go insane.

Walking home everyday from school,
If it rains, im soon in the blues,
Knowing that if i walked in the rain,
I would be sick all the way.

Catastrophies and disasters,
Slowly increasing in numbers,
Sooner or later i may not complain,
Malaysia might even have hurricanes.

Skin cancer,Asthma and not forgeting S.A.R.S,
Are now starting to spread,
These diseases are deadly,
And are killing more people towards the end.

Im crying out to everyone,
Help us in Earth Hour,
So please give us a hand to lend,
To stop the beginning of the end.

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cepatnye adik update ye!
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