Monday, July 6, 2009

Mr. Wrong vs Mr. Right

How to stay away from Mr. Wrong so you can make some room for Mr. Right!Let's be honest with ourselves. Sometimes, we just know certain guys aren't right for us, but we ignore the warning signs anyway. We hope that they'll change. Or that they'll grow out of it. Or that somehow, all of our love and devotion will rub off on them. Not so! So we're getting real about all of the Mr. Wrongs out there...But mostly we felt for the Mr. Wrong and its is not us to be blame but maybe our mistake to fall for them.Looking back..this is what happens to some single person who really need someones to be lobed and loves back by them and eventually was caught in loves with Mr.Wrong..Where is Mr.Right??? Does they really exist???Or they just hide themselves or waiting for the right moments to comes up??Some of Mr.Right or Mr. so called Right is just to ego to declare the feeling,always keep it silents and never tell and that is why i wonder the reasons all the person like me or others keep getting to have relationships with the wrong person.And who to blame??? Me and you figured it out.....

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